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Digital Marketing

Digital marketing

Starting with your own website to certain online materials and branding, digital advertising, email marketing, brochures online and other means.

Companies have many options for implementing and applying their digital marketing. In order to successfully integrate these into advertising, many companies hire a marketer who has an understanding of the use of materials and the tactics to achieve the company goal.

  • Your own website

  • Posts on a blog

  • Infographics, text creation (typography)

  • Social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter

  • Online brochures

  • E-books, white papers

  • Reporting online, such as social media, PR or reviews

  • Branding material such as fonts or logos

SEO / SEM optimization

Not only the design and the usability of the website are necessary to establish your website, your web project or your web business - but also the targeted search engine optimization SEO. Your page will not remain one of many, we will establish your page with the best possible ranking results.

We promise you a very good ranking even in difficult to access keyword areas. Of course, it is important to have a well thought-out web design concept, as well as your participation and commitment in building links and generating visitors. We are fully at your disposal in all areas

Logo creation

We give your company a distinctive look!

Your logo, often also called a company logo, trademark, signet or word / figurative mark, is part of your corporate design - i.e. the appearance of your company. Your company logo stands symbolically for you, your brand and your offer and serves as a memory aid, so to speak.

We specialize in strengthening your brand as well as your presence on social media so that you stand out from your competition.

Contact us and find out how we can help you.

Website creation
Internet presence with online shop

A successful website depends on many factors.

An appealing, user-friendly design is not enough. The interplay of design, technology and marketing is your guarantee of success.

We analyze your target group and your competitors and create an appealing, user-friendly design proposal for the optimal target group approach. We implement your website in such a way that it can also be easily found in search engines. This is how you achieve the fastest possible return on investment.

Website security

Website security means more than just protection:

  • A secure website increases the trust of its users and ensures a better ranking, more conversions and more sales

  • An insecure website, on the other hand, drives away users and damages your reputation and your brand in the long term

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SEO/ SEM Optimierung
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