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Was es kostet, eine professionelle Website erstellen zu lassen

  • How much does it cost to have a professional website built?"
    Nothing drives prospects and potential customers on the Internet to flee faster than an unprofessional website. Long loading times, flashing text or links that lead nowhere? Tab closed, visitors gone.
  • Programming a website: Do it yourself or have it done?
    Anyone who needs a website must first decide whether to create it themselves or hire a web designer or agency to do it. In most cases, the second option is recommended. Very few entrepreneurs and freelancers are able to program modern and mobile-optimized websites. There is often a lack of time for such a task, especially in the start-up phase. One exception, of course, are self-employed web designers and similar professional groups, who use their own website as a reference for their work. Homepage construction kits are offered for people who have no experience with HTML, PHP, CSS and the like. These are easy to use even without programming knowledge and cost less than hiring a professional designer. However, the result is mostly interchangeable and not very refined or individual.
  • Fixed costs for a website
    Regardless of who builds your website, you need web space to publish your online project. A complete hosting package that already contains at least one own domain and e-mail addresses in addition to the storage space makes the most sense. The monthly price for the package depends on the amount of storage space and the range of functions. For professional, larger websites, 5 to 20 euros per month are common. What you need depends on your web project. For example, if you want to host videos on your own company website or provide many downloads, you need significantly more web space than a freelancer with a clear web presence.
  • Price range for professional websites
    Typical prices for websites made by a professional range from around $400 to $10,000. This big difference arises because the spectrum of possible websites is huge. If you like it very simple, you can have a single static microsite created in the style of a business card, which only contains the most important information and all contact details. The more complex, the more expensive: Each additional subpage, each new hierarchical level and each special function increases the workload of the web designer and leads to higher costs.
  • Can fundamental factors that affect the cost of a website?"
    First of all, it is decisive for the overall costs of the website whether a completely new presence is to be created or whether it is a relaunch and the initial information, structures and materials are therefore already available. The complexity of the project is also important: how many pages and subpages are planned? Should the website be created in one or more languages? Additional features also increase the price. Some of the most popular special features of corporate websites include: an online shop with appropriate security features and various payment methods Installation of certain software such as a content management system (CMS) Setting up landing pages, for example for various marketing campaigns Communication options such as forms, forums or similar Customer area with log-in protection Integrate multimedia content Creating a database Optimization for mobile devices Keyword Analysis and Search Engine Optimization The more individual the design and content, the higher the price. At the same time, however, your website will have a higher recognition value. Here every entrepreneur has to decide for himself whether the price or the quality should be in the foreground.
  • Can You Save Money On Website Creation?
    The cost of a website can be reduced by doing individual tasks yourself. Anyone who can write well or has a PR department in the company should write the texts for their website themselves. You can also provide the web designer with photos and graphics if they are of good quality and you own the rights. Anyone who has initial ideas for a design and a concept for the content can record this information. So the web designer does not have to create his own design, but can use your sketches as a template. However, this procedure is only recommended if you are actually competent in the respective areas and can provide high-quality support. Otherwise you may cause additional work for the programmer and thus unintentionally increase the price. Anyone who has no ideas or does not know what is worthwhile for their company should first seek advice. You can clarify whether additional work makes sense or not. Some agencies offer an initial consultation free of charge, while others charge a fee from the first appointment.
  • Are there maintenance and follow-up costs?
    Once the new company website has been completed and published, the work is far from over. Now it has to be kept up-to-date and maintained. Anyone who frequently uses a news area or runs a blog should opt for a CMS right from the start. Anyone can publish content without programming knowledge. For larger changes, however, the previously commissioned web designer or agency should be hired again. In this way you ensure that your company website is always up to date and that the target group can find all relevant information quickly.
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